WPAP Quick Tutorial Video Using Corel Draw

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Quick tutorial video on how I create a WPAP - short of Wedha's Pop Art Potrait. An art forms from colorful geometry.

This time using corel draw. You can also try it using other vector software like Adobe Illustrator, photoscape or maybe not a vector software like photoshop or any other graphic design software, event not as best as using vector software.

The best thing using vector software are: unlimited resize, no-limit on how big you want it tobe. easy to maintain or edit the object. perfect result for the geometry style like this. etc...

The steps including tracing photo, filling the blocks, to coloring. Enjoy!


Here's the result of Henry's WPAP...

Hendry WPAP small


I Hope this tutorial useful for everybody, If you like it please share! :) Thank you.



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