Resetting c-panel theme to x3

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Some theme in c-panel are give you trouble by not giving a way to get back to classic x3 theme. Here’s the tips to reset c-panel theme to default x3 theme.

  • Go to Theme selector
  • Select other theme and press change.
  • The browser will load a while. While loading quickly copy the URL from the address bar.
  • The URL might look like this
    • “https://www.domain.com:3333/fjghfjh3432/frontend/rvskin/rvskin/dothemef.html?themename=rvskinlight&Submit=Change”
  • Change the theme name like this
    • “https://www.domain.com:3333/fjghfjh3432/frontend/rvskin/rvskin/dothemef.html?themename=x3&Submit=Change”
  • Press Enter on Keyboard
  • Then maybe it ask your password to change, enter your password and go.
  • Now the theme back to x3.

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