Old Computer finally off

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I have a backup laptop which I bought around 7 years ago. not a fast one, just dual core with 1 gig memory.

Sometimes ago I lost my last great performance laptop where i do many project on that. including my last project “steering wheel” whic is working great already as a prototype. his dead and i can not continue this project bcause gaming takes a great resource of computer. so i abandone my steering wheel project…

and then i activate my old laptop which i never thought that i will use again because it was so slow. i have no choice, i gotta go on. work together old computer and ipad was great. i have no complain much except the speed and limitation of software to use.

and then two days ago i start to boot it up but it won’t up. and last night i disamble it out. but nothing i can do. i guess the memory or the processor is dead.

and now my main sword to win this war is just this old ipad 2 which i hope nothing bad will happen.

i post this from telkom. wifi id on jalan gajahmada. i need to send a project to client but my internet is off… everything will be fine. i feel great…

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