Must Buy New Computer

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dying laptop

I've been working on a nearly dead laptop maybe over 2 years. well, I can't afford the new one yet.. not just the laptop now need tobe replaced. the monitor now left just half (literally). nearly half of the bottom of my monitor there 3 big black patch of dead pixels which cannot be fixed.

so now I move the taskbar half the screen to limit my working area. yes, literally I use only half top of my monitor. it is terrible working this way, and the laptop goes off unpredictably anytime, sometime I just turn for five minutes then goes off. I lost files many times because of this. I had to force shutdown the computer every time this happen. It also not good for my hard disk, I know that. but I have no choice anymore now.

I've been creating a race car simulation for the last 6 moths. and now I cannot test it because my laptop will off not long after I started the game. I have a big plan for this simulator, but maybe I have tobe more patience about this plan, since I stuck in this situation now.


Everything added and become more complicated. the energy price now increase; gas, electricity, etc. I already turn off any additional things which takes energy too much. refrigerator off already for the last 3 moths, no-more air conditioner for the last 2 years. I event gave up to have a cellphone which takes too take too much cost. the last cellphone I have was about a year ago, it broke down and I can't afford the new one.

Now we must save for everything since everything in Indonesia became expensive since the new government. I don't like complain, so I had to go on. survive in any situation.


Toni A.

PS: Laptop was off three times during the creation of this post...

One thought on “Must Buy New Computer

  1. My Note 2017-11-22:

    That monitor useless now. more than half of its screen off, not just patches but completely off because I broke some of its edge of LCD.
    About a week ago I manage to repaired it a while by putting it under sunlight for couple hours and that works to decrease the blacks. but than when I try to refix it some of the LCD edge broken, and now only 30% of the top side is works. and that’s impossible to use anymore.

    I’m thinking to buy the replacement panel since my monitor machine is still okay. but that’s a big risk since I can only buy it online from unknown resource. and I still don’t have the budget even to buy the panel anyway….

    So during around a week now I use my niece’s monitor, and her computer too. because my computer goes off too often and almost unusable.

    and for my steering wheel. everything works fine, except since its made of paper and the humidity is high since it is monsoon now.. 😀 – you know it…
    I guess it is time for me to build the real wheel machine, either using steel or wood. But wait ’till I have some spare budget for that.

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