Gal Pinterest page template

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What a painstaking process for beginner like me to implement this into PHP, this page version is the first process research to arrange the posts just like pinterest. The final result can bee seen on my archive page template.

This post is actually only for me, to note, to see the progress, the journal and my own history. So I really sorry if there's nothing useful for you.

First Step, Testing using page template:



Finally successfull implemented to the archive page like this one, event I cannot put footer of infinity scroll to this yet. maybe sometime.

For now I also put the preview link on the post list just like preview using lightbox, it is good for art & design web like this, Because most of the post have image or photo.

In case the page already not exist, here's the snapshot:



The research still continue,... let's see what will come next... (2015-10-20)

Downloadable Designs...

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