Choosing Photo For WPAP

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Here are things you need to know to choose the photo for your WPAP:
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  • LIGHTING / EXPOSURE: Source photo/picture must be in good lighting quality. It means the photo still have enough shadow and light, and light source not come from frontal direction light. it must not over bright or too dark.
  • EXPRESSION: Expressive photos are preferred than the plain, awkward and cliche pose. Sometimes unintentional or candid photos are better.
  • ANGLE: I personally prefer not-straight-frontal photo for WPAP. taken from little bit sideways, bottom or up can give more depth effect of figure.
  • PROPORTION: It would be good if the photo shows enough proportion of face, not too close up or extreme close up neither not too far.
  • CHARACTER: if you want the WPAP result shows really who you are. you should pick photos that really shows your character. otherwise you friends would hard to recognize it.



not-good-3NOT SO GOOD –The angle too cliche, she looks awkward and not enough shadow because the light came directly from the front. It would become be plain and flat WPAP.

not-good-5NOT SO GOOD – The shadow and light is good, but they came right from the front. So it doesn’t show good enough shape of her face. and it is too common pose, doesn’t have enough emotion.
not-good-1NOT SO GOOD – She looks beautiful!. but sadly we cannot guess who she is by looking into this photo. yes, this is still Natalie. this photo doesn’t print enough character of Natalie
Her expression good but the angle are too frontal and make it less expressive.
not-good-2-220x126NOT SO GOOD – Too frontal angle. the light and the character good enough though. But it will be the boring WPAP.
good-3VERY GOOD – Look at her expression!, it will looks great for WPAP. The amount of light and shadow balance and great.
very-good-3GOOD – Maybe she not looking the best in this expression. but the “ANGLE”, light direction, amount of shadow and hilite are great. The only lack is this is not showing Natalie so much, the character a little bit lost. Sometimes looks like Britney Spears or anybody out there 😀
It would be nice in WPAP.
very-good-1EXCELLENT – For all of Natalie’s photo I guess I’ll choose this for WPAP. it has really good hilite and shadow. nice proportion, candid, expression.. all great. Three thubs up for this one!
good-5VERY GOOD – Over all this photo is pretty fit for WPAP. The only thing made in not excellent is the spread of hilight too few on her face. instead it so much on her neck and arm. But still it could be the great WPAP, just a matter of adjusting and improvising.

And after all this is from my experience only, it is really relative. Some other friend who make WPAP too maybe have different opinion about this. And of course finally the result depends on the execution. 🙂


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