About Me

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I am a self employee designer who loves arts and aesthetics. I design almost everything. But currently only focus on graphic design as my job.
Movie editor was my previous profession since 2004 to 2010. I also did 2d and 3d animations in that time. Sadly I could not include my movie and animation portfolio here, I still not really confidence to show them to the world.

my profile 3

I created music since there’s only “cakewalk” around year of 2000. with the rigid sounds of midi and really slow 233 MHZ computer.
Hundred of songs I produce from 2001 to 2009, and then stop because I had too many movie project.
Many of those music never been published. the same matter, some of them are too ugly to appear on plublic… haha. So maybe I also a DIY (Do It Yourself) musician. Just don’t do music too intense anymore since there are many things to choose to do nowadays.

Staying at home almost whole days, just like a computer freak but I don’t want to be like one. Because I still have many things in the real world to take care. I have plants, trees and a tiny sweet home who ask my attention many time.

I don’t have many idea what to tell about me right now. maybe next time I can complete this profile so I can tell you all about me completely.

Thanks for visiting me here, wish you come back again.


Tonie A.